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Updated: Jun 2, 2023

The Bermuda Triangle has a history of strange occurrences going all the way back to Christopher Columbus' expeditions, who periodically experienced compass malfunctions there. Many journalists have made an effort to offer proof of mishaps and unusual events in the area. Researchers are left without any reasonable explanations for some instances since they are yet unexplained.

Writers exploring the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle have put forth a range of supernatural theories to account for the perplexing phenomena in the region. One such theory proposes that the anomalous events can be attributed to advanced technology left behind by the mythical civilization of Atlantis. This concept is sometimes associated with the Bimini Road, an underwater rock formation located in the Bahamas. Followers of Edgar Cayce interpret his prediction about the discovery of Atlantis in 1968 as referring to the Bimini Road. However, it is important to note that the Bimini Road is a natural formation, despite some enthusiasts incorrectly labelling it as a man-made structure. One intriguing theory suggests the existence of a parallel world within the Bermuda Triangle that disrupts the fabric of space and time. This notion proposes that objects and vessels are drawn into this alternate reality. Additionally, some individuals speculate that the unexplained phenomena in the Triangle can be attributed to UFOs. Charles Berlitz, a renowned author specializing in anomalous events, presents several theories linking the Triangle's losses to enigmatic and supernatural forces.

The existence of a parallel universe nearby that could cause a time and space distortion and cause objects to vanish is one of the many ideas regarding the Bermuda Triangle. Some people have also suggested that the events in the area are caused by UFOs. The losses in the Bermuda Triangle have been attributed to numerous theories put out by Charles Berlitz, an author who specializes in anomalous occurrences.

There are several hypotheses that try to explain why so many ships and aeroplanes disappear in the Bermuda Triangle. One theory postulates the presence of distinct magnetic fields that produce mysterious physical forces. Another idea contends that the mysterious occurrences are the result of the fabled lost land of Atlantis sinking nearby. There is also the theory that unidentified compounds found in the waters of the Atlantic have a part in these puzzling occurrences.

Even though, a large number of people still believe paranormal activities to be true and the only way to plausibly explain these disappearances, this is not what the facts state. These theories are explained as myths because in reality these actually are myths. There is an explanation why people, ships and aircrafts disappear around the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. There were a lot of factors involved which include human oversights, compass disparities, the gulf stream, and hazardous weather & methane hydrates; all of which have been illustrated below.

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